Louis Charles

Louis’ intention is to incite personal transformation while cultivating a sense of absolute presence. Louis feels that yoga has helped him to develop not just freedom of movement but personal freedom so that he could observe his behaviours and emotional responses and strip away the layers of negative patterns leading to a much happier existence. And this is what he now passes on to his students. Louis began practice began in 1997 when he was reluctantly dragged to his first class. He then immersed himself in the Iyengar method for three years before discovering Ashtanga Yoga and trained under the watchful eye of his teachers Luke Jordan and Rowena Morris. In 2005 he completed Brian Coopers Ashtanga Yoga teacher training. Louis meditates every day and has maintained a personal morning yoga practice nearly every day for the past 18 years. He is also trained in Thai massage and is currently studying Psychology at the University of South Wales.