Heidi Cevik

She has been practicing asana since 2012 and began studying with formal teachers in 2016. Heidi has been accredited in two Yoga Alliance registered 200 hour training and two 100 advanced module trainings in Hatha and Yin yoga and Yoga Theraputics, by School of Sacred Arts, Bex Tyrer and Tina Nance yoga schools. and facilitated on two YTTC courses.

She has been taught in direct lineage of Sarah Powers’ and Paul Grilley’s Yin yoga (with Tina). She uses TCM to direct the chi/prana to specific sites around the body – usually the 12 main organs, and Mindfulness techniques to deal with what is being released psycho-emotionally. You will find these elements dotted gracefully in whatever style she teaches!

She offers classes which blend accute sensitivity to yoga practitioners individual needs with the physical awareness necessary for a safe and responsible practice of asana.