Gong Bath Sound Immersion

Kundalini YogaSuitable for all levels

Gong Baths are one of the most soothing, body detoxing and vibrational tools. A gong bath or gong sound meditation is a sound massage for the body and mind. Sound Immersion practices are like a sound massage for the body and mind using vibrational frequency to help reduce stress, alter consciousness and create a deep sense of peace and well-being for better health. Expect to go into a deep state of meditation and relaxation.

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Classical Calm 

Pilates StretchSuitable for all levels

These sessions combine yoga with a classical music playlist plus special mood lighting and essential oils. In this ‘Low Flow’ style – which is suitable for all levels and abilities – you can expect slow, gentle floor-based movements with very little time spent standing. The session ends with a long relaxation which will include a guided meditation and the use of essential oils to leave you feeling calm and centred.

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Scaravelli-Inspired Yoga

Iyengar YogaSuitable for all levels

These monthly workshops are open to students of all levels of experience, including beginners and experienced yoga practitioners/teachers. This yoga is suitable for ALL bodies, including those with limitations or injuries. With Scaravelli-Inspired Yoga you work slowly and carefully – the movements are often small and far-reaching, releasing tension and opening up internal space. There is plenty of personal attention and hands-on help and time and space for you to explore asanas and to ask questions.

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Mobility Training

Hatha FlowSuitable for all levels

Mobility Training is a full body workout and maintenance that combines strength, flexibility and movement practice, to expand your range of movement, nourish your joints, and improve the quality of the way you move. This class is a combination of passive and dynamic stretching, isometric and dynamic strength work, plus full body movement drills. You will develop an awareness of how each individual joint works, open up new ranges of movement and space through passive stretching and build stability within these new ranges with strength work.

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Inversions & Balances Masterclass – Monthly

Level 2

A playful, meditative and functional movement class suitable for all levels. These 90 minute monthly sessions on include yoga, movement, and meditation for inversions and hand/arm balancing. The content is geared at cultivating the necessary inner-stillness and breath awareness required for effective balance control as well as increasing confidence and range of movement on both hands and feet, in a relaxed and interactive setting. You will learn how to safely practice and progress handstands, forearm balances and headstands with variations to suit all levels and abilities. You do not need to be able to do these postures already – but be prepared to be encouraged and inspired to learn how to fall, conquer fear – and then get back up again! Not suitable for complete beginners.

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Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra (also known as yogic sleep) is a powerful technique where you are guided into a relaxed state between the conscious and unconscious minds. However, your mind is actually awake, so it’s often discussed as the state between being asleep and awake. Yoga Nidra is generally practiced lying down so you can let go completely. Props, pillows and blankets are commonly used, as well as anything that will help you get into a totally comfortable, restful position that is deeply restorative. The benefits of Yoga Nidra include helping to ease insomnia, anxiety, stress and chronic pain s well as improving awareness, focus and ways of thinking.

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Gentle Hatha Yoga

Suitable for all levels

This Hatha yoga class focuses on balance, well-being and awareness. The class are gentle and nurturing with a strong emphasis on mindfulness and meditation. They includes a series of seated and standing asana (postures), linked with pranayama (yogic breathing) and meditations. The class is taught in an intuitive and gentle way to leave you feeling calm and centred.

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Beginners Yoga

Beginners Yoga IconLevel 1

We recommend that new students attend one of our weekly beginners classes or regular beginners workshop to learn the fundamentals of yoga in a safe atmosphere.  These sessions will introduce you to the key yoga postures and correct alignment as well as breathing techniques and meditation and relaxation exercises. Regular practice of yoga poses or asanas will increase stamina, strength and flexibility, helping you feel happier and healthier in body and mind!

Some of our other classes are suitable for beginners. For more information, email info@tramshedstudio.com

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Hatha Flow

Hatha FlowSuitable for all levels

A slow and rejuvenating practice of yoga aimed at opening up space in the body, releasing tension and relaxing the mind. Hatha Flow is a fluid and traditional style with accessibility for all levels and includes active and passive postures plus flowing sequences focusing on breath and awareness.

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Iyengar Yoga

Iyengar YogaSuitable for all levels

Iyengar yoga is characterised by precision and alignment in the execution of the postures (asanas), sequencing of the asanas towards a desired result and the use of props, if required, to help a student gain the maximum benefit from each asana Iyengar yoga’s detailed and precise instruction leads to a more focused and deeper practice that is challenging and fun

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Kirtan Mantra Meditation

Suitable for all levels

Chanting is a great way to release stress and tension. Many people find it challenging to sit and meditate but the combination of sound, breath and rhythm in Kirtan helps to bring about a feeling of joy and inner peace. The vibrations of each chant move through the body and help to stimulate the hormones that calm the mind and relax the body. The mantras in Kirtan are chanted in a call-and-response fashion, from the leader to the group, and accompanied by musical instruments, such as harmonium, drums and guitar. There is no need to be shy as everyone’s voices blend together alongside the music. In fact regular Kirtan practice is said to improved confidence and released inhibitions.

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Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini YogaSuitable for all levels

Kundalini Yoga (as taught by Yogi Bhajan, creator of Yogi Tea) is a physical and meditative discipline that combines postures (asanas), breath (pranayama), and the chanting of mantras to raise your energy and vitality and to tune in to your true identity, to your Sat Nam. Kundalini Yoga can significantly improve your physical, emotional and mental health with regular practice. Classes are practised mostly with the eyes closed, focusing on your own experience and becoming deeply aware of your self whilst doing your best to keep up with the kriya (a specific sequence of actions that together have a collective outcome).

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Pilates StretchSuitable for all levels

This class combines fluid movement sequences and classic Pilates techniques to improve flexibility and core stability. Pilates aims to strengthen the body in an even way, with particular emphasis on core strength to improve general fitness and wellbeing. Regular Pilates practise can help improve posture, muscle tone, balance and joint mobility, as well as relieve stress and tension.

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Power Yoga

Power YogaSuitable for all levels

This style is influenced by Ashtanga, which means the postures are kept simple but the flow of the class can be strong. It is a practice that is both accessible for newcomers to yoga but can also offer a challenge to experienced yogis. Improve your flexibility and fitness and work with smooth, calm breathing and develop a calm and focused mind.

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Vinyasa Flow

Renew and RestoreSuitable for all levels

These varied classes will encourage students to synchronise breath and movement as you mindfully flow through the postures and transitions. Each teacher will work creatively according to they background and style to encourage you to disconnect from the mind and focus on the movement the breath and the ‘flow’. This class can also incorporate stronger poses including inversions and arm balances in a supportive and encouraging environment. 

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Yin Yoga

Suitable for all levels

A slow and deeply releasing style of yoga, Yin is the gentler, softer partner to the more fiery and active yang styles of yoga. Yin Yoga works deeper into the body in order to access and nourish the connective tissue and fascia that weave in and around muscles, organs, nerves and lymph. In contrast to other practices, poses are held for 3 minutes or more and are predominantly floor-based using props to support the body and allow for a gentle release. 

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Yoga Fundamentals

Level 1

Yoga fundamentals is a foundational yoga class to help you consolidate good technique, learn modifications to suit your body, work through any injuries or issues and learn the building blocks to a varied, strong, safe practice. The class is designed to improve the mental and physical health and well-being for all students. It introduces a wide range of different yoga styles and practices. Although the focus is on physical (asana) practice, there is also a strong emphasis on breathing (pranayama) and relaxation too. Suitable for students moving up from beginners (6 weeks experience plus).

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